Friday, September 1, 2017

Out, Out . . . Damn Spot!

Let's see . . . personal income rose more that expected at 0.4% in July, and spending rose a healthy 0.3%.  Inflation rose only 0.1% in July, well below anything worrisome.  Estimates of GDP growth in the second quarter (Q2) was revised higher from 2.6% to a whopping 3%.  There has never been so many jobs available - 6,160,000.  Now, what are you so worried about??

Without tax reform, the economy will continue to sputter along just fine.  It would actually grow with tax reform.  Without infrastructure improvement, the economy will continue to sputter along in the short run but gradually slow in the long run.  Without Obamacare repair, the economy will suffer, as that healthcare program is permitted to fail.

But, it is so much fun to worry.  Shakespeare wrote in Macbeth about free-floating anxieties, as Lady Macbeth wandered around the palace rubbing her hands, muttering "out, damned spot," as she obsessed about a non-existent spot of blood on her hand.  Maybe, she was just a 21st century investor who was still suffering post-traumatic stress from the global financial crisis of 2008/9?