Friday, July 20, 2018

Kudos to Trump

Initial Jobless Claims have not been this low since 1969.  There are actually more job openings than job seekers.  The problem is obviously that the job seekers don't have the skills that employers need.

Quietly, behind the scenes, Ivanka Trump has corralled fifteen large employers to pledge in writing to increase skill training, by expanding apprenticeships, increasing OJT, and training new employees.  Altogether, the companies signing the pledge include IBM, GM, Walmart, Lockheed Martin, and others.  They have pledged to train 3.8 million workers over the next five years.

Our antiquated, hide-bound educational systems have not kept up with the changing needs of employers.  Almost 20% of all job-types didn't exist in 1980.  This is formal acknowledgement that employers now must complete the work that our educational systems did not.

The problem with most programs is the lack of follow-up.  I hope Ms. Trump will hold the corporate feet to the fire.  Maybe, her Dad will even help?

Kudos, Ivanka!