Sunday, July 15, 2018


Many pundits are going crazy, trying to figure out the relationship between Trump and Putin.  One even remarked that their relationship is the greatest mystery of this century.  Actually, I think the answer can be found with Trump's shock when he learned that Vice President Pence had never earned more than $200 thousand a year and had only $15 thousand of cash in the bank.  (Nobody can ever forget how often Trump bragged about his own wealth.)  Trump questioned how Pence could be any good, if he never made any money.  Knowing Pence could nonetheless deliver the evangelical vote, Trump hired him anyway.

Now, with an estimated $200 billion of wealth, Putin is easily the wealthiest person on the planet.  Trump may or may not anticipate needing Putin's money in the future, but I think Trump sees Putin as someone to worship, because he worships wealth.  Unfortunately, like most worship, it clouds Trump's judgement.

If Putin is the wealthiest person in the world, then surely he also deserves the most respect.  Well, doesn't he?  Your President thinks so . . . .