Sunday, July 8, 2018

Prayers To Thailand

Although I seldom do it anymore, I have been a scuba diver for most of my life.  In 1975, I had the opportunity to dive a cave off the Suwannee River in the Florida Panhandle.  That was enough to convince me that cave diving is vastly more difficult and dangerous than regular open water diving.  I learned my lesson and never did it again.

Watching the rescue of the Thai boys is spell-binding for me.  Already, a Thai Navy Seal has died.  While four boys have been rescued, I am praying for the rest and ALSO for the divers.  One, cave diving is dangerous enough but, two, working with a kid who may panic at any second represents another major danger to the divers.  I hope the boys are somehow tranquilized, for the sake of the divers.

It would be an honor to salute those divers!